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Our work

We make sculpture and ornament for artists, architects, and collectors. See our latest projects on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


Monumental Labs was founded in 2022 by Micah Springut, a tech entrepreneur turned stone carver. We started production in July 2023 in our studio in Mount Vernon, NY (just north of New York City).

We make sculpture and ornament for artists, architects, restorers, collectors, and companies, typically in marble and limestone, but also in sandstone, granite, calcite and other exotic stones. See our work.

Our mission is the revival of stone craft, to bring sculpture and intricate detail back into our built environment on a mass scale, and build cities that are truly sustainable using stone (building with structural stone is 96% less carbon intensive than using steel and concrete). We are developing new technology to drive down the cost of stone fabrication while supporting and training a new generation of artists and craftspeople. 

Follow the journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  


Monumental Labs

610 South Fulton Ave.

Mount Vernon, NY 10550

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610 South Fulton Ave.

Mount Vernon, NY 10550 

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Founder & CEO

Tech entrepreneur and stone carver.

Micah Springut

Art Director

Digital artist and sculptor, previously at Jeff Koons and Barry X. Ball Studios.

Daniel Williams

Stone Carver

Stone and glass sculptor, previously at Barry X. Ball Studio, NYAA graduate.

Liza Grace Little

Stone Carver

Ukrainian-born monumental sculptor, member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.

Michael Levchenko

Stone Carver

Sculptor and visual artist, trained at the New York Academy of Art.

Chris Kunk

Digital Fabrication Lead

Designer and architect, previously at SOFTlab and O'Neill Rose Architects.

Andrew Martens

A growing team of designers, artists, sculptors, and engineers.

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